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I was responsible for devising our creative strategy, presenting the angle to senior management, and directing the creation of all design material. I worked in tandem with marketing, leveraging Asana to keep my team on target and making deadlines to craft delightful, exciting campaigns that drove qualified leads and revenue.

Below are just two of several campaigns that I directed during my time at ThankView.

Want to learn more about my art direction at ThankView?

Giving Tuesday is the most important day of the year for the non-profit and fundraising industries. Donors leverage ThankView for video solicitations and follow up gratitude for those who donate. 

Working closely with the Lead Generation and Content Marketing teams, I took a brief outlining our budget, goals, and messaging and directed the design of a multi-channel campaign that spanned the month of November, 2021. Our creative centered on "launching your Giving Tuesday campaign", bringing the launch from command station to space, and into the hearts of prospects.

In October of 2021, ThankView merged with donor relations and outreach company EverTrue and was simultaneously acquired by Rubicon. Amidst this busy time, my team was responsible for building a campaign to announce the news in a delightful, exciting way. We had the added level of difficulty of merging visual styles with the EverTrue brand. 

Working in tandem with both ThankView and EverTrue's marketing team, I directed the creation of a suite of visual assets to be used in the annoucement. In addition, we conducted webinars, a launch party, produced limited edition merch, and more.

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