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Pathways is an iOS mobile app that guides users through a gamified journey of self-discovery. The app was created by Little Black Buddha (LBB), a company that specializes in mindfulness and personal development. LBB wanted to create an app that would help users connect with their inner selves and discover their true potential.

I was contracted by LBB to create the brand and logo for Pathways, develop a brand style guide, and refine the app's design system in Figma. I worked closely with the LBB team to understand their vision for the app and to create a design that would reflect their values.


Share your wins and encourage your friends


Earn badges for each achievement


Complete time challenges and exercises

Identify Your

Users recognize and define their unique talents with a series of self reflection exercises.

Users develop patterns of introspection and observation to understand their ambitions.

Grow Healthy

Users utilize their insights to explore new and exciting chances for a more gratifying life.

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